Kristi Price  Lead Vocals


With engaging energy in every moment, teacher by day, rock star by night, Kristi sings and solos all about in the Richmond music scene. Check out her ability to fill the room with her diverse vocal abilities and enthusiasm as she leads Kristi Kream and the Sugar Daddies through their “makes you wanna dance” cool set list!

Derek Tuttle  Guitar, Vocals


Derek first picked up a guitar before he was born.  He was a highly recruited draft pick from 27 other bands that wanted him….badly.  His audition was an air guitar solo against Eric Clapton–and he wasted the dude.  Come see this pro’s pro do paradiddles on the guitar with his teeth….upside down…..while on fire.


Chuck Smith  Bass, Vocals


Considered by many to be “one of the music world’s most interesting bass players,” IMG_0047

cha cha cha Chuck ‘Bam-Bam’ Daddy provides solid grooves alongside Mark ‘Reek Havoc’ Daddy.  Mo Green from the popular magazine MUZIK says, “His FEEL is incomparable” and “some say it goes to eleven!”  Guaranteed to raise a smile, he is a Sugar Daddy through and through.

Landon Rocks   Keyboards, Vocals


Landon started playing piano shortly after being dropped on planet Earth by aliens, touring the world and elsewhere before finally establishing roots in Richmond, Virginia.  Currently, he can be seen performing in Richmond as well as regionally in the United States in Dueling Pianos in addition to  KKSD.  He also plays for private parties and events.  Landon likes long walks in the forest, craft beer and rockin’ the keys with Kristi and the Sugar Daddies!

 Mark Peterson  Drums, Vocals

Mark Small

Following his escape from Alcatraz, Mark aka ‘Reek Havoc’ became our resident “concussionist”.  Discovered in a biker bar, he has taught drum lessons and played professionally for most of his life, from symphonies to dinner theaters and nightclubs.  With KKSD Mark enjoys making people dance!








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