This Friday night at the RumbleSeat Grill, Kristi Kream and the Sugar Daddies will be joined for the first time by axe man Dan Derkits’s new Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 guitar — a double humbucking monster.


“It sounds fuller, is easy to play, looks good and chicks dig it,” Dan said.  “With Kristi Kream being a four piece, there’s only my guitar holding down the middle ground.  This guy really fills up the spaces.  Its got clean and crunch.”

What it means for KKSD fans is Friday’s gig is going to rumble and rock, with pumped up sound and energy, meaty licks and piercing solos — and there is almost a set’s worth of new songs to punctuate it.

Kristi Kream and the Sugar Daddies play Friday, April 4 at the RumbleSeat Grill; 8:00 – 11:00.

“First time I heard that thing I nearly fell over,” Bill Bucco, KKSD bassist, told the story, “We were in rehearsal and I had to stop for a moment.  I was crying.  I wanted to ask [the guitar] out on a date, but I was afraid I wasn’t good enough for it.”

“It really improves my musicality,” Dan added.  “I’ve been playing my Jackson for 20 years, and it’s great for metal, it’s been a good companion, but these days I’m thinking it might be time to take a new road.”

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